My first novel was released on February 9th, 2019. Grab your copy today! Thank you for joining my nightmares. 

Gwen has been looking forward to a night out dancing with friends. What should have been a low-key and fun-filled evening, quickly becomes the 50466376_1230547473761736_871306773955346432_nbeginning of something sinister.

A derailed night of fun sets off a journey of survival and subsequent voyage of self-discovery, as Gwen and her group of friends learn the truth of their reality. How will they react as they are thrust into a world of ancient gods, power, greed, and rage? What else lies waiting to spill from the darkness? What else threatens to destroy their universe?

Travel through dreams and reality, as ancient powers try to reclaim their throne, shining light on family secrets and ancient bloodlines. Do they fight the monsters that lie in wait? Or run for their lives? Who will survive?

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